Make Your Own Digital Matching Activity

Let’s make this engaging math activity digital! In the following video I show you how to take a printable resource and make it digital!

Make Your Own Digital Matching Activity

First, CLICK HERE to find the FREE matching activity template highlighted in the video.

Then, you can watch the video to create your own digital resource!

Using the digital matching activity in your classroom.

I am a huge fan of printable activities in the classroom. I love when students can manipulate pieces, move the pieces around, and match them. I believe it is both engaging and educational! There are times when printable resources are just not feasible or the right fit for the activity. Having a digital activity like a digital matching activity on hand can be a game changer.

When do you use digital matching activities?

  • Homework – You can use the math matching activity for homework if the students are not able to access the activity in the classroom, you could assign it for homework.
  • Differentiation – Sometimes, I make more than one of the same activity. Then, I can assign students the puzzle that I created for that group. All the students may be working at the same time and no one knows that they are different activities!
  • To make life easier – If you just don’t have time to print and laminate, or you need an activity last minute, or you want to be able to see all your students’ work and grade them at the same time, you could use the digital activity!

Are you team print or digital??

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