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Create and Use Math Matching Activities

Are you looking for engaging math activities for your classroom? Let me show you how to create a math matching activity that will be perfect for your math stations!

Create Your Own Math Matching Activity

First, you can watch this tutorial if you want to learn how to make your own matching activity in PowerPoint™ in less than 10 minutes.

CLICK HERE to find the FREE matching activity template.

Using the matching activity in your classroom.

1. Classroom Transformation

Add some theme clip art to the each of the pieces in order to use as part of a classroom transformation. I use the leaf matching activity as part of my Boot Camp classroom transformation. The recruits have to sort through the pile of leaves and match the answers! Check it out HERE as an example of what you can create.

2. Math Station

This sort makes a great math station. I love using matching activities as part of a review at the end of a unit. It gives the students a different way to solve problems other than the traditional worksheet.

3. Competitions

First, create 2 or more sets of your math matching activity printed, cut, and laminated. Then, split your class into teams (or you can have a one-on-one competition). Finally, have the students compete to see who can match up the pieces correctly the fastest!

4. Warm Up Activity

Use the sort as a way to review a previous lesson. The students can sort the pieces at the start of class when they walk in the door. What a way to engage the students in the class right from the start!

5. Interactive Notebooks

For this option. I would not have the problem matched with the answer on the document. Why? Because I would want the students to cut out all the pieces and I wouldn’t want them to cheat!

Students can cut and sort through the pieces and paste the correct matches in their interactive notebooks!

How else would you use these matching pieces??

Want to learn more of the basics, check out this PowerPoint™ tutorial.

Interested in more templates? Check out the Color by Number Templates HERE.

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