About Me

Hello! I am Annette: Busy mama, middle school math teacher, TpT author, and online business owner.

I have been teaching math for more than a decade and I have learned a lot about student engagement and how to make math more enjoyable! My goal is to help all learners feel successful, gain knowledge, and have fun while doing so!

So… I looked beyond the textbook, beyond the curriculum, and started making my own activities to use in my classroom. Utilizing the activities that I create; I have fostered a classroom environment where students want to learn math and so can you! You can count on me to help you create meaningful math activities that captivate your students!

With the time between working and creating, you can find me running around a park after my kids, drinking a hot cup of coffee with close friends, or sitting on the beach listening to the ocean waves.

Check out my CONTACT page to learn even more about me and let me know how I can help you!

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