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3 Tips for Setting Up Math Stations

Transform your math block and include math stations! Math stations are a great way for students to practice skills, engage in their learning, and give you an opportunity to work with smaller groups of students. The days that I use math stations are some of my favorite days. I want to share with you some of the tips that I have learned with utilizing math stations in my classroom.

Tips for Math Stations in Your Classroom

1 – Activity Choice Matters!

When I choose or create activities for math centers, I like to choose a variety of different types of activities. With the various activities, your students are more likely to stay engaged and stay motivated during the stations.

Activities that Engage your Students

Some of my favorite activities:

Always Keep Answers Handy!

2 – Keep the Answer Key with the Station!

I have started laminating the answer key when I laminate the resource! Why? To save my sanity. I used to have to look for the answer key or pull it up on my computer while they are in stations and it was annoying to say the least. Now, I laminate it as I get the activity ready. Sometimes, I let the students check their own answers if it is a sort and a very trustworthy class. Other times, I collect the answer keys and walk around with them as I circulate and assist.

Prepare for the Inevitable Question

3 – Be Prepared with a “Done Early” Activity

Inevitably, not all the stations will be done at the same time. Different learners and different activities take different amounts of time. To make the stations go as smoothly as possible, I always have a “Done Early?” station ready to go. My favorite activity to use in this station is a coloring activity. Students love to color and I like that they still are reviewing an important math concept! Check out the 6th Grade Math Coloring Activities HERE.

If you are looking for Math Review Stations, I am always adding more. Some of my favorites right now are:

Questions? Am I missing any important tips? Leave a comment below and let me know!

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