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Valentine’s Day in Middle School Math

Valentine’s Day is especially interesting in middle school; hormones + candy = a lot of fun… so why not make it a theme day in math class?? Create centers with a heart or love theme!

What should Valentine math stations look like?

Let’s break down what the math centers could look like for February in a middle school math classroom. Here are some things you should keep in mind when you are creating your math centers.

  • the centers or stations should be as engaging as possible
  • there should be a variety of activities
  • activities should be special and out of the ordinary to make it almost feel like a reward
  • there should be a “break from math” activity like a color by number

February Resource Roundup

  • Simplify Expressions Chain Activity – Valentine Activity – this is a HUGE hit with students. Students will solve 20 different expressions activities. The chain covers combining like terms and simplifying an expression with the distributive property. When they simplify the expressions, they will find the simplified answer on another strip. Once they have matched up all the expressions, it will create a chain. I combined the chains to create the heart on the wall!
  • Mend the Broken Hearts – Evaluate Expressions Heart Matching – Students will evaluate expressions with given values. The students will mend 18 hearts to complete this station.
  • Factoring GCF Review – Heart Coloring – Students will find the greatest common factor of two whole numbers and rewrite the expression using the distributive property.
  • Translating Expressions Heart Coloring – This is quick 12 question coloring activity. The students will translate word expressions to numbers. Then, they will color the hearts based on their answers.
  • 6th Grade Math Valentine Review Cube – This is a station activity in and of itself! There are 6 stations that will review different 6th and 5th grade standards including graphing, fractions, decimals, and area and perimeter.

Want to learn how to create your own review activities?

Would you be interested in making these resources yourself? Let me teach you how – JOIN THE WAITLIST for the Math Creations with KUPE online course.

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