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Math Get to Know You Activity for Middle School

Trying to find an engaging back to school math activity for middle school is a challenge to say the least. I tried to find an activity that was creative, math oriented, and made a great bulletin board decoration… it was not easy. So, I wanted to make something that covered all the bases for a math get to know you activity and helped me teach strong routines in my classroom. Let me show you how…

Stations for the Math Get to Know You Activity

I love using stations in my math classroom. They offer flexibility, movement, and variety! So, why need teach the stations expectations and routines on the first day!?

8 stations are included in this math get to know you activity. Students can walk around the room and visit. Each station involves some element of math! Routines that I review include:

  • how a station should look when you are finished
  • how to move from station to station
  • how to show your best effort at each station
  • what do you do when you are done early
  • what the noise level should be in the classroom


The first few days of school are STRESSFUL! They can be overwhelming for you and for your students. I like to make sure that I have some element of mindfulness and chill in my get to know you activities. That is why I included some coloring in this activity. I mean, who doesn’t love coloring? It is also helpful to give those who finish early something to do.

Math Bulletin Board

Save a bulletin board when you are decorating your classroom and fill it with these! Students love to see their work on the walls and it helps save you from figuring out what should go on the board. Also, it is perfect math décor if you have an Open House or Back to School Night at the start of the school year.

Others are loving it and you will too! Check out this Math About Me Activity and let me know what you think!

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