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Brain Puzzles for Morning Meeting

Have you ever heard of rebus puzzles? Well, if you haven’t you are in for a treat. These brain puzzles are a great way to engage your students and it is a great activity for morning meeting. I have been using them in morning meeting and it is a GAME CHANGER!

Here are some ways that I have been using these puzzles in my class…

  • Whole Class – I project the puzzle on the board. The students try to take a guess what the answer to the puzzle is and write it down on the whiteboard. I usually give one or two minutes for the students to take their best guess.
  • Whole Class – I project one of the puzzles as part of my morning message. The students can think about the puzzle while they unpack and get ready for the day. I have the students share what they think the puzzle means during our morning meeting.
  • Small Group – I put 5 of the puzzles into their own slideshow. Then, I put the students in breakout rooms so they can work together to see how many of the puzzles they can solve.
  • Individually – I have also used this as an enrichment activity for those students that finish early or just are interested in the puzzles!

Try one! Can you guess what the answer is. Alright, I started you with an easy one! Don’t worry – answers are included!

ANSWER – Sitting on top of the world!

How would you use these puzzles in your classroom? I would love to hear!

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