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Create Math Activities with PowerPoint™

Have you looked for math worksheets and were unable to find one that fit your needs? Have you searched for math activities only to find mundane or boring activities? Are you ready to make your own math activities and make your math class more engaging? If any of these questions describes you, you are in the right place!

FREE Template to follow below!

Before we create some resources, let’s start with the basics – Setting up your page in PowerPoint™.

Step 1: Open a blank page to create your math activity

Now, you are going to want to start with a blank page in order to build your activity.

Step 2: Select the slide size of your choice

At this point, you can decide whether you want your resource with a Portrait or a Landscape orientation. Here are some resources that I would create with each orientation.

Portrait: math worksheets, coloring pages, scavenger hunts, sort activities, and so many more…

Landscape: maze activities, task cards, puzzles, chain activities, and so many more…

Step 3: Delete any text boxes on the slide

You want to start by deleting anything on the page. You want to do this so you can add text boxes, shapes, and anything else in the order and place you want.

Step 4: Add text boxes for your title and header

  • In the main menu, select “Insert”
  • Then, select text box and create the title of your worksheet. Extend the lines of the text box lines to fit the page. Center the text.
  • Add another text box for your header where the students put their names. I use the underscore to make the lines after name and date.
  • You can change the font and size to fit your needs!

Step 5: Add a border

An easy way to add a border on your page is to insert a shape. You can add a rectangle and drag the corner of the rectangle to fill almost the whole page. You can use the ruler view to make sure your rectangle is equal distance from the edges of the page.

Then, right click on the blue rectangle and select “Format Shape.” Here is where you can adjust the border to fit your style. I start by changing the “Fill Color” to be “No Fill.” Since I like a simple border, I just change the color of the border to black and change the weight or thickness of the line to fit what I need.

Now, if you would like all the setup done for you, check out this FREE MATH TASK CARD TEMPLATE. All the setup is done for you 🙂

Ready for the next step? CLICK HERE for Part 2!

If you are ready to learn more and excited about creating your first activity, CLICK HERE for a FREE template to create your first matching activity.

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