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Create Your Own Math Review Cube

Create a math review that your class will love! These cubes are a huge hit with my students. In fact, the students like to brainstorm what the next cube will look like. You know it is a good activity when the students ask for more! Do you want to create an activity that looks like these cubes?

Follow along with the video to create your own review cube!

What can you include on the cube?

The possibilities of what you can include on the math review cubes are endless! I like to create these for holidays or special occasions because the students really enjoy them, and the cubes keep the students engaged during what can otherwise be a crazy time.

Let’s talk about what you can include! When you are adding activities, you want to think about activities that are visually appealing if you are planning on using the cube as decoration in your classroom.

  • Coordinate graph picture – This can be used as a great review of plotting points, and it is visually appealing! I used a heart eyes emoji for this Valentine’s Day cube.
  • Color by number activity – This is a great activity for the cube because you can adapt color by number activities for any math topic.
  • Shapes – Add a section that has math questions inside a shape. I just inserted 9 hearts on one of the squares and added fraction operation questions on top of the hearts. It kept with the Valentine theme and is a great review of fraction operations.
  • Mazes – Add a math maze on one of the sections and add a little clipart to decorate according to your theme.
  • Create Your Own Picture – Using a table, pose a question and give three answer choices. For each answer choice, students draw a different picture. I used this for my winter dodecahedron project. The students had to answer questions to see how to decorate a snow globe.
  • Symmetry – Give the students half of a picture and they have to draw the mirror image.
  • Geometry – Add some shapes on the square and ask the students to find the area, perimeter, or volume of the shapes.
  • The possibilities are endless!

No matter what the activity is, once the students color and decorate the cube, the cubes turn into really fun classroom decorations for any holiday!

If you create a cube, tag me on INSTAGRAM so I can share it 🙂

Don’t want to make your own?

Check out the Valentine cubes I have already created!

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