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Monthly Math Color by Number Templates

Are you struggling to find math resources that will engage your artistic learners? Are you looking for something new, something different, or something FUN for your students to use to review? These monthly color by number math templates are perfect for you!

These templates will give you everything you need to create your own color by number for your class! The formatting is done for you on all 12 of the color by number templates; all you have to do is plug in the questions!

How could you use these color by number activities in your classroom?

  • Enrichment activity
  • Extra practice activity
  • Done early activity
  • Extra credit
  • Holiday activity
  • Décor for your bulletin board

Let’s walk through how simple it is to complete the activity for your class. First, you begin by downloading the templates that you can find HERE. Then, follow the following 3 steps and you are done!

Step 1: Choose the math topic that you want to review.

Think about the current month and the math unit you are in. Then, choose the template that relates to the season or month and begin to create! You will need 20 math questions and answers.

*HINT* always start with the answer key first!

Step 2: Add the answers to the math questions to the table on the right of the page.

The table is the most critical part of the color by number template because it tells the students how to color the picture! The table is formatted to show where to put each of the answers. Once you are done adding in the answers to the table, the answer key is complete!

Step 3: Copy the questions for the student page!

Now that you have done all the work for the answer key, all you have to do is copy the questions and delete the answers for the student page! It is as simple as that.

The possibilities are endless! You can reuse the templates year after year even if you change grades or the order of your curriculum. I have found these color by number activities to be a huge hit in my classroom and my students are always asking when the next one is coming!

See if these are right for you, try a free sample by clicking the button below.

Want to find out more? CLICK HERE to grab your Monthly Color by Number Templates.

Love the idea but you do not want to create your own? I have you covered. Check out these coloring bundles.

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