Math Talk Bulletin Board

Let’s talk about math! Creating a classroom environment where students talk and discuss their math thinking is so important to their deeper understanding of math! Using math talk prompts can foster those math discussions and help students learn how to explain their mathematical thinking! These are great discussion prompts as […]

Brain Puzzles for Morning Meeting

Have you ever heard of rebus puzzles? Well, if you haven’t you are in for a treat. These brain puzzles are a great way to engage your students and it is a great activity for morning meeting. I have been using them in morning meeting and it is a GAME CHANGER!

End of the Year Memory Book

Well, this has been a year to remember! Because it was such a unique school year, I want the students to have a memory book as a place where they can remember and write down different aspects of their year. I feel like this year is going to be a blur and almost seem surreal when things go back to “normal” and I want the students to hold on to the memories that they have and the difficulties that they have been through.

End of the Year Bulletin Board

Are you ready for the end of the year? I know I am! This is one of my favorite end of the year activities and guess what… it is so easy! I display the end of the year bulletin board for the last month of school and then I cover […]

Valentine’s Day in an Upper Elementary Classroom

Holidays. They are the worst, am I right? I have a love, hate relationship with holidays in the classroom. I love to see the students having fun but I also love having a plan and knowing what is to come. When the classroom plan is unstructured, it can go downhill […]

Virtual Class Meeting Discussion Starters

Confession: Morning Meetings were my least favorite part of the day to plan for. When I was in school, I felt like there were so many other things that would fill that time “better”. Students could work on finishing up an assignment, they could continue their morning work, and I […]

Positive Affirmations Mirror

When a student walks in with a discouraged look on their face, you know where I send them? To the Affirmation Mirror. You know why, because they need a reminder that they are loved, they are talented, and they are awesome! What a difference this little mirror has made in […]