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Adding Questions to your Math Task Cards

Now that we have the template for our task cards, let’s go through the process of adding the questions to your math task cards. The best part of the template is that you can use it over and over again for all different math task card topics!

Don’t have a template yet? Start HERE with Part 1.

Also, you can CLICK HERE for the FREE Math Task Card Template that we have created!

Step 1: Create the Answer Key

I know, this sounds crazy but I will tell you, this is the EASIEST way to create any math activity. So, let’s get to it! Again, I like to work smarter and not harder so… I duplicate the slide we made during Create Math Activities with PowerPoint™. Then, I delete anything that we don’t need anymore and change the title to say “Answer Key.”

Step 2: Insert a table

Why? Because it is the easiest way to organize the answers for the math task cards is in a table. You want 3 columns for your the answer key – 1. The task card number 2. The question on the task card 3. The answer for the task card question.

Follow the directions below for adding a table!

Step 3: Table Settings

If you are making 12 task cards, you want 3 columns going down and 13 rows across. Use the first row to title each of the columns. I like to move the lines in the center of the table by hovering over them and moving them right or left. Distribute however makes sense for your activity!

Step 4: Fill in the table

Now that everything is setup, you can fill in the rest of the table! Add the questions and answers for your activity. Below, I show an example of an adding decimals task card activity. If you have a more complicated equation that you want to use, you can use the equation feature on PowerPoint™.

Step 5: Add the questions to the math task cards

Last step: let’s add the questions to the task cards themselves! I like to copy and paste the questions from the answer key into the task cards so I know I don’t make a typo. You are just going to want to add a text box to each of the task cards. Then, you can change the font size and style.

Now, you have a math task card activity from start to finish! Can you believe how easy it was? I am excited to teach you more about creating math resources. If you are ready to learn more, CLICK HERE for a FREE template to create your first matching activity.

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