5 Digital Math Center Ideas in Upper Elementary

Are you struggling to find ideas for your digital math stations? Well, look no further! I have a few station ideas that I use in my 5th grade math centers! I love using math workshop in my classroom but I can tell you that it is not always easy to come up with ideas for the students in their stations – especially in a virtual environment! I post these on my Google Classroom and the students are able to move and manipulate the pieces to show their answers. Bonus – I can see what they are working on while they are working!

Below I will show you some of the stations from the Fraction Addition and Subtraction Digital Station and the Order of Operations Digital Station.

Mazes – I like to use mazes as a way to reinforce the standard that I am teaching! The students feel like they aren’t doing “work” and they are still practicing the skill that I taught them. They start the maze at the START and they can cover the correct answers with moveable pieces until they reach the end of the maze! I love that students get a lot of practice on a skill and it is easy to visually check if they got the maze correct.

Matching – I love this station as a quick check-in. The students will take the answer pieces in BOX A and drag them to match the questions they solve in BOX B. This is one of my favorites for a quick assessment because I can very quickly see if they matched the answers up correctly.

Sorting – I like to use sorting activities as a little bit of a challenge. In the sorting activity that is shown above, students will evaluate each expression. All the expressions have an answer of 2, 4, 6, or 8. They will sort the expression to fit under the correct answer. This is great order of operation practice!

Solving – Sometimes, you just want a quick open ended solving practice! Students solve the math problem and then drag the number pieces to represent their answer. I love that this one is open-ended because I like to see if the students understand the material without any “hints.”

Problem Solving – The students use the word problem cards like a deck of cards! Students can solve the first problem and then drag the card to the discard pile to reveal the next word problem. I like this one because they can focus on one word problem at a time without being overwhelmed with all the questions on a paper. The students can type their answers in the table below the questions.

I usually assign a variety of stations at the beginning of a unit. I will then assign the slide that I want them to work on each day. This way, I can avoid having to post assignments everyday for the students and I can still do math workshop digitally!

You can try some of these math stations FREE HERE! If you are looking for a lot of math stations for 5th graders, check out the whole BUNDLE HERE.

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