5 Ways to Add Movement in a Math Classroom

Are you ready to get up and moving in your math class? It seems that math class gets a bad rap with just sitting and listening and it being boring. Well, what if we change that? Let’s get up and moving and having fun in math! Here are some ways that we can add movement into math class.

1. Scavenger Hunts! You can use scavenger hunts in a variety of ways. You can use the task cards you already have and place them around the room for your students to solve. I like to give students a clipboard so no matter where they are, they have something to write on. You can also use premade scavenger hunts like THESE where the students solve a problem and hunt for the answer!

2. Escapes! This may be similar to the scavenger hunts but they are still worth mentioning! I love having the students complete the escape challenges all around the room to spread the students out and keep them moving!

3. Multiple choice questions where they have to travel to their answer! I put an A, B, C, and D in the 4 corners of the classroom. I project a question and the students then have to travel to their answer. I like it when the questions are more survey based, so not all the students end up in the same corner 🙂

4. Simply incorporate stretch breaks or brain breaks between activities! My favorite is a dance party; I put on a song and we all just let loose!

5. Boot Camp Review – Use your whole classroom as stations. Each station can be a different topic or task. Set an amount of time for each station and then for 30 seconds in between the stations, have the students complete an exercise. Check out this Boot Camp Review.

What is another way to add movement? I would love to hear!

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