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Middle School Math Back to School Activities

Are you struggling to find engaging math activities for the beginning of the year? I have you covered! These 3 back to school activities require little to no prep and will help you get to know your students! There is a FREE one at the end 🙂

My all time favorite activity is the Math All About Me Activity! You can use this activity to help teach routines, transitions, and procedures. First, I review the routines and expectations of groupwork and stations. Then, I give the students the page that they have to fill out. I divide the class into 8 groups. Each group will be at a specific station. I place the task card directions at each station. I set a timer for 5 minutes at each station. If students finish early, they can color their page. If they did not complete the station, I leave time at the end to finish the paper.

I love this activity because students are able to talk to one another in the small groups, it showcases what students know or struggle with in math, and it makes a great bulletin board display when they are done!

Another fun activity to start the year is the Real World Math Project. This will help you answer the question…. “When will we use this in real life?” Students find out how math is used in the world around them and describe the scenario with a picture and explanation. This makes a great beginning of the year project to practice sharing and speaking in front of class.

Here is a quick (and FREE!) Math About Me activity. I like this one page activity to leave on students’ desks when they first come in to let them know I mean business! It can also be used as a station in the first few weeks of school if you utilize math workshop. Check it out HERE.

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