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Math Bulletin Boards

Do you love to decorate your math classroom as much as I do? Who says a math classroom has to be academic and boring? Not me! Here are some of my favorite math bulletin boards. You can use these bulletin boards for reference, get to know you activities, and to share your passion for math!

Let’s talk about my favorite bulletin board first! Alright, this is the math reference bulletin board that I have up every year. Sometimes, I put it up slowly and introduce each piece as I need it in the curriculum and sometimes I just have it up right from the start. I put a table in front of this bulletin board and use it as a station in my math workshop. The students who sit at that station usually need a few extra reminders or their notes may be a little messy. Anyway, you want to check it out? HERE is the free PEMDAS part of the bulletin board.

Next up, this Elements of Math board! It is just a fun way to start the year. I have it on the bulletin board right outside my classroom. It sparks a lot of conversations as the students read through the math terminology and ask questions about what some of the words mean. This would be great in a middle school math classroom but also a great addition to an elementary school room. I have it displayed in my 5th grade classroom.

The dreaded question, “when will I ever use this in my life?!” Well, this math career bulletin board helps answer that question for you! There are 50 different careers that are displayed on the paper airplanes! Here are some examples:

  • Scientists use math to graph and analyze data
  • Teachers use math to inspire the next generation of mathematicians
  • Cryptographers use math to encode and decode data
  • Floral Designers use math to make sure the ratio of flowers is proportional

Do you need a get to know you activity for the first week of school? I have you covered with the My Number Story bulletin board. I use this every year as a way of teaching my math procedures. The students will have to answer a number of questions about themselves and put the answer in the designated part of the flag. I have the task cards around the classroom and we can work on transitions, time management, rotations, following directions, etc. And the bonus is the students are able to socialize and get to know each other in their small groups. Then, I have the students either introduce themselves to a small group or I have a student introduce someone else to the class!

All of these bulletin boards can be found HERE.

What other math bulletin boards are you looking for to display in your math classroom?

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