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Virtual Boot Camp Math Test Prep

I was having a really hard time as a virtual teacher keeping math class interactive in a virtual environment. The students were doing too many worksheets and I wasn’t able to easily check their work. I started using these boot camp Google Forms™ and I can tell you that the engagement in math went up dramatically! The students were having fun and they were learning – win, win!

Here is how they work:

You assign the Google Forms™ to the students which contain all different types of review questions like multi-select, multiple choice, and open-ended questions. After the students work through a few problems, they will click to continue and be prompted to complete a boot camp exercise! It forces the students to take a little break and refocus before moving on to the next set of questions. The Google Forms™ are self-grading so it takes the pressure off of you to grade their questions. I don’t always use them as a graded assessment, sometimes I just like to see what concepts I need to reteach or review before a standardized test.

Here are some ways to use these review stations:

  • Assessment: You can use a single Google Form™ as an assessment of a unit. There are over 20 stations that can be broken up throughout the year!
  • Classroom transformation: – This would make a great classroom transformation! There are printable task cards as well that you can use as stations throughout the classroom. You can set a timer for the students to complete as many problems as they can in a station before the timer goes off. Then you can do some of the boot camp exercises as a whole class in between stations.
  • Homework: At the end of the unit, you can use a single Google Form™ as a homework assignment.
  • Small Group Review: Want to have a little fun with a group that needs a little more reinforcement? Use these as a tool for small group instruction or review.

I can’t wait to get back in the classroom and use this boot camp as a WEEK LONG review at the end of the year! The students will all dress in camouflage and we will get to do some boot camp exercises while we review! Until then, I will just watch them do their exercises and math from across the screen.

Need something for your high flyers or students that work quickly? There is even a station for them! The “Mess Hall” station is filled with puzzles and activities that can be used as a done early activity or even morning work!

Want to try a station out for FREE? Click Here!

Looking for all the stations? Check them out HERE.

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