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Virtual Beach Day Theme Plans

Are you as ready as I am to celebrate the end of the school year? I am starting our final countdown with a FREE BEACH DAY! Below is a full day of plans just for you! I am going to have the students dress up in some summer gear, wear hats, sunglasses and whatever else they would like to get into the beachy mode.

Beach Day Plan:

  • The day starts with a few STEM activities. I put 2 different ones in the plan so students could see what materials they already have at home. When they create their tower or castle, they can take a picture and add it to the slideshow.
  • Next, the students will write a bucket list of all that they want to accomplish over the summer. This is a great writing activity. It also can be extended into an art/design project by making a bucket list poster!
  • For math, I will be using my Escape to Summer activity to review 5th grade standards. The students will be working on the escape on Google Slides. For the answers, they will be typing them into a self-grading Google Form. Perfect, no prep, no grading activity for teachers!
  • For science, the students have a choice board of summer videos where they can learn about the science of summer. They will write 3 things they learned from the videos. You could have them in breakout rooms and assign a certain video to each group. Then, they can come together and share what they learned!
  • For reading, I am going to play some ocean waves and let them enjoy a good book “on the beach.”
  • Just for fun, I have included some summer coloring directed drawings.
  • In the Done Early? section, I will be putting the June, July and August Project Morning Menus for my class. These include some more summer fun activities! See all the PROJECT MORNING MENUS here.

That is what I have planned! If you wanted another morning meeting activity, you could include the End of Year Would You Rather Activity which makes a great bulletin board!

I would love to hear your feedback on the activity and let me know if you want any more theme days like this in the comments.

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