Classroom Transformations in Math

Who doesn’t love a good theme day? Keep your students engaged in learning with a classroom transformation or two! At first, I was hesitant to incorporate transformations in my classroom because they honestly looked really expensive when I saw the transformations other teachers did! I am here to tell you that transformations to do not need to be expensive to be fun!

Classroom transformations can be done using materials you have at home or you can engage the students in the process! For example, I had a football classroom transformation that I used to review addition and subtraction of decimals.

I used the school’s bulletin board paper as tablecloths for the table and some of the football fanatics in the class brought in their helmets and footballs to add to the décor. I had students come in with their favorite football jersey and I dressed the part with a jersey too! The only thing I purchased was the football paper plates to tape the scavenger hunt questions to.

To add to the fun, I went on YouTube to find an old football game to project on mute to add to the ambiance. It was super easy and it was a day that my students won’t soon forget!

Other easy classroom transformation ideas include:

  • Beach Theme – you could use this escape!
  • Any sport you love (or your students love)
  • Glow Day – though this one would require black lights in order to make the colors glow!
  • Seasonal themes like Valentine’s Day
  • Circus
  • Boardwalk Games
  • Backyard Games
  • The possibilities are endless!

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