Virtual Science NGSS Review Scavenger Hunt

Looking for a fun way to review those NGSS standards for 5th grade? This is one of the ways that I will be reviewing for the standardized tests given in 5th grade. This scavenger hunt is a great way to engage students and bring all that they learned in science back to the forefront of their memories.

I found that I needed to make my review classes a little more exciting! I mean, let’s face it, students are reviewing before standardized tests or the end of the year in every class. I found that students were getting a little tired of the same review methods in every class. Then, I started to utilize scavenger hunts!

First, you can assign the Google Slides™ through Google Classroom™ and you can assign the slides to “make a copy for each student.” The students will be able to work through the scavenger hunt at their own pace. The students will click the “start” which will lead them to the first question.

The students will read the first question and try to recall the answer. Once they have the answer, they will click the “home” light bulb that will lead them back to the 1st page. Then, they find their answer and click the correct answer with their answer to lead them to the next question! The review will touch on topics relating to Matter, Ecosystems, Earth’s Spheres, Space, and more! Optional: the students can type in the letters to the cards in order into the Google Form™ that is included for you to check.

If that sounds too complicated or too digital, there is a printable version too! This is how I liked to do scavenger hunts before I taught virtually. The students answer a question and then search the classroom for the correct answer! This is a fun and interactive way to review and it is included HERE as well.

Looking for more scavenger hunts to review throughout the year? CLICK HERE for the bundle of fun!

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