Math Review Activity Mazes

Are you ready to have a little fun with a math review activity? Admittedly, there are times that math can feel a little dry and repetitive. I like to keep the students on their toes and have lots of different review activities! One of my favorite activities are these mazes. These mazes can be used as done early activities, enrichment, homework, and just a fun way to review the 5th grade math standards! Let me tell you how I use them in my class…

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I have the students complete these for every math topic! I give the maze to them at the start of the chapter and when they felt confident in that standard, they could complete it to show what they learned. Sometimes, we just don’t want to make copies, I get it! So, I made them digital so the students could cover the correct answer and still “color” the maze.

Ways that you could use the mazes:

  • Give students a packet of the mazes to complete throughout the year.
  • Use them as a math station for math workshop.
  • Send them home with the students as a nice and easy homework sheet.
  • Give the mazes to a pair of students so they can work collaboratively.
  • Send home for a summer review!

Why I love them:

  • The mazes give students the chance to practice their skills in a new way.
  • Students who enjoy coloring are immediately engaged in the math activity.
  • Students can color the way they like which adds a mindfulness element to math.
  • They are SO easy for teachers to use and there is NO PREP!

Try out a FREE MAZE here! If you like that, you will LOVE all 25+ mazes HERE.

To Check out all the mazes:

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