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Halloween Math Ideas

Halloween is just around the corner, and it is the perfect time to infuse some math fun into your celebrations. Whether you celebrate Halloween or just want some fall decor, I’ve got some Halloween math ideas that will add a touch of learning to the holiday fun.

Ghost and Pumpkin Craftivities

Kickstart your Halloween math adventures with craftivities that involve adorable ghosts and pumpkins! These crafts not only bring some festive decor into the classroom but also provide hands-on learning opportunities for students to review some math skills!

These no prep Halloween activities can be used as a math station or review.

Here is how they work:

  1. Students complete the math questions on the ghosts or pumpkins.
  2. For the pumpkins, students follow directions to determine how to color each section.
  3. Then, students cut out the shapes and you can display on a bulletin board.
  4. Take it one step further and create a 3 dimensional bulletin board by putting some of the ghosts or pumpkins together.

Ghosts and pumpkins available for grades 2 through 7, check out the CRAFTIVITIES HERE.

Fall Coloring Activities

Coloring is an excellent activity for honing fine motor skills and providing a moment of calm amidst all the Halloween excitement. Combine math and coloring with these math review coloring sheets.

How to use the math review coloring sheets:

  • Extra credit – provide students with reinforcement of the lesson while giving them a chance to earn a few points.
  • Extra practice – allow students to practice the lesson in a different way. Let them solve all the math problems and then take a break and color!
  • Math station – have different stations reviewing the different topic to appeal to different learners! Artistic students will love that you included something for them!
  • Decor – When the students are done, they make great decorations for the holiday!

Collaborative Math Color by Number Poster

Now, let’s get everyone involved in a collaborative math project. Create a large fall-themed coloring poster with math!

Here’s how it works:

  1. First, you add 20 questions to the editable template that relate to your math unit.
  2. Then, you print out the math sheet and the 30 pieces to create the poster.
  3. Students solve the math problems and take a piece of the poster to color. The cool part is, they don’t know what they are coloring until all the pieces are put together!

Check out this awesome Fall Fun poster here!

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