Positive Affirmations Mirror

When a student walks in with a discouraged look on their face, you know where I send them? To the Affirmation Mirror. You know why, because they need a reminder that they are loved, they are talented, and they are awesome!

What a difference this little mirror has made in my classroom. First, it is adorable and makes great décor. But more importantly, it promotes a positive self-image in students. We can be our own worst critics and can be so hard on ourselves. This is a great way to remind students that they matter and they are important.

How to use the mirror:

  • You can have it in an easily accessible spot in the classroom so students can visit when they need a little reminder.
  • You can use it in the entrance of your classroom so when students walk into the classroom in the morning they can recite one of the affirmations.
  • You can use it as part of a mindfulness station where students can take some time to sit and reflect.

What you need to make your own:

  • A mirror – I got mine inexpensively during back to school time at Target.
  • Positive Affirmation Bulletin Board Kit – from TpT
  • Colored cardstock – I used a variety of colors to brighten up the mirror but you can use any colors that match your classroom!
  • A good pair of scissors to cut out all the quotes 🙂

Yes, you will catch me by the affirmation mirror on occasion – why? because I need a little pick me up and positive reminders too! Tag me on Instagram if you make a mirror of your own!

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