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Create Base Ten Blocks in PowerPoint

Let’s create base ten blocks!

Base ten blocks, also known as place value blocks, are a set of mathematical manipulatives used to teach and understand the base ten system. These blocks represent the numerical value of digits in a number and help students visualize and conceptualize place value.

Base ten blocks are awesome tools for teaching math concepts like place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. And guess what? You can now bring them to life in PowerPoint!

How do you create base ten blocks in PowerPoint?

  1. Unit: Insert a cube from the shape’s menu. Change the size, color, and border to fit your needs.
  2. Rod: Duplicate the cube and stack. Be sure the cubes are aligned! Once you have 10, you can group all the cubes to make the long base ten block.
  3. Flat: Once you have the long base ten block grouped, you can duplicate that for the flat. Be sure all 10 longs are lined up using the align tool!

By incorporating virtual base ten blocks into your slides, you can bring math concepts to life and make learning a blast. So, go ahead and level up your math resources with base ten blocks in PowerPoint. Your students will thank you for making math more exciting and understandable!

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