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End of the Year Bulletin Board

Are you ready for the end of the year? I know I am! This is one of my favorite end of the year activities and guess what… it is so easy! I display the end of the year bulletin board for the last month of school and then I cover it with plastic and it doubles as my back to school bulletin board! Let me tell you how I use it…

First, I print out the banner (which has all grade levels!) and the alphabet letters. That is pretty much all I have to do! Then, I let the students’ creativity run wild!

Each student gets a letter and they design and color their letter based on something unique about our classroom. I a lucky and my class is less than 26 students. With the leftover letters, I let the early finishers make another one! (If you have more than 26 students, I also included 1- 10 is for…)

My favorite part of this bulletin board is that it is so different every year and it shows off each class’ personality and creativity. Also, it saves me time during classroom setup in the summer – one less bulletin board to set up!

I included bunting banners, all the alphabet letters and numbers 1-10 for classes that have more than 26 students. You could make your own or CLICK HERE to grab yours now! Let me know what you think!

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