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Daily Math Calendar

Finally, a calendar made for math teachers! Are you searching for an innovative tool to ignite your students’ passions for numbers and problem solving? Look no further than the trusty Daily Math Hanging Calendar. This calendar is full of math dates to flip and use as daily math practice.

Solve the daily math problems in a journal.

We already know the importance of practicing math regularly to reinforce concepts and improve math thinking. This calendar gives students an opportunity to tackle daily math problems. You can use concepts you already learned in the calendar to help you incorporate spiral reviews. Have the students show their work in a daily math journal where they can record the solution to math problem and show their math thinking. Not only does this practice help students review their work and progress over time, but it also allows you to asses their understanding and provide personal feedback.

Show three ways to solve the math calendar problem.

Since there is no single “correct” approach to problem solving, encourage students to explore different ways to approach the math calendar problem. Encourage students to discuss and share their strategies and talk about the most efficient way to solve the problem. This exercise not only expands their problem-solving toolkit but also fosters a collaborative and inclusive learning environment.


Encourage students to use different problem-solving strategies, such as drawing diagrams, making tables, or drawing a picture. Emphasize the importance of showing their work and explaining their reasoning. This will not only deepen their understanding but also foster a classroom culture that values diverse problem-solving approaches.

Think of different problems with the same solution.

Once your students have mastered the art of solving the math problems, it’s time to take their creativity to the next level. Challenge them to think outside the box by inventing a new problem that shares the same solution as the daily math calendar problem. This activity encourages students to apply their understanding of mathematical concepts in novel and imaginative ways.

Integrating a daily math hanging calendar into your classroom routine can breathe new life into your math lessons. By incorporating the three suggested strategies—solving problems in a journal, exploring multiple solution methods, and inventing related problems—your students will develop a deeper understanding of mathematics and sharpen their problem-solving skills. So, math teachers, let’s embrace the math calendar and watch our students thrive in their mathematical journeys!

Action Steps:

  1. Check out the Daily Hanging Math Calendar HERE
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