Digital Math Escape Activities for Upper Elementary: Quick Tips

What are Digital Math Escapes?

Digital Escape Activities are a great way to review in math! Students are highly engaged to crack the codes and escape. The students are given a scenario in which they have to help someone or something escape a predicament. Students will complete math problems to get a code. They will put together all the codes for that challenge in order to make a word or number that will help them escape.

Why would you use a Digital Math Escape?

These are great review activities for students. There is little to no prep on your part and the students are actively reviewing the concept that you taught! You can post the interactive slides with Google Slides™ or PowerPoint™. Students can work through the experience at their own pace and type in their answers to a self-checking Google Form™.

Tips for the best Digital Math Escape experience:

  • Make sure you are familiar will all the aspects of the digital escape by reading through the teacher materials.
  • Make copies of the slides and forms that are needed in order to post them for your students.
  • Try out the escape for yourself to see what the students will experience.
  • When introducing the escape, read the scenario with a lot of excitement to get the students excited!
  • Sit back and call it a win when the students are engaged and having fun in math class!

When do you use digital escapes in your math block?

  • Review Class Period – when you are reviewing for a chapter test or a standardized test, these come in very handy!
  • Math Workshop Station – you can have students work together on the escapes in a station while other students are reviewing or completing a class assignment.
  • Enrichment Activity – Use this as an enrichment activity for your high flyers!
  • Done Early Activity – You can always leave the escape as an option when they finish the class assignment.

Digital Escape Rooms to try:

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