Math Talk Bulletin Board

Let’s talk about math! Creating a classroom environment where students talk and discuss their math thinking is so important to their deeper understanding of math! Using math talk prompts can foster those math discussions and help students learn how to explain their mathematical thinking! These are great discussion prompts as […]

Math Review Activity Mazes

Are you ready to have a little fun with a math review activity? Admittedly, there are times that math can feel a little dry and repetitive. I like to keep the students on their toes and have lots of different review activities! One of my favorite activities are these mazes. […]

Math Bulletin Boards

Do you love to decorate your math classroom as much as I do? Who says a math classroom has to be academic and boring? Not me! Here are some of my favorite math bulletin boards. You can use these bulletin boards for reference, get to know you activities, and to […]

Virtual Boot Camp Math Test Prep

I was having a really hard time as a virtual teacher keeping math class interactive in a virtual environment. The students were doing too many worksheets and I wasn’t able to easily check their work. I started using these boot camp Google Forms™ and I can tell you that the […]

FREE Virtual Basketball 5th Grade Decimal Review

Ready for some fun this basketball season? Check out this FREE Basketball Decimal Review Scavenger Hunt. The scavenger hunt can be used in print as a way to get the students up and moving around the classroom OR fully digital for all those who are teaching virtually. Let’s talk about […]

5 Digital Math Center Ideas in Upper Elementary

Are you struggling to find ideas for your digital math stations? Well, look no further! I have a few station ideas that I use in my 5th grade math centers! I love using math workshop in my classroom but I can tell you that it is not always easy to […]

Valentine’s Day in an Upper Elementary Classroom

Holidays. They are the worst, am I right? I have a love, hate relationship with holidays in the classroom. I love to see the students having fun but I also love having a plan and knowing what is to come. When the classroom plan is unstructured, it can go downhill […]

Digital Math Escape Activities for Upper Elementary: Quick Tips

What are Digital Math Escapes? Digital Escape Activities are a great way to review in math! Students are highly engaged to crack the codes and escape. The students are given a scenario in which they have to help someone or something escape a predicament. Students will complete math problems to […]