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Create Base Ten Blocks in PowerPoint

Let’s create base ten blocks! Base ten blocks, also known as place value blocks, are a set of mathematical manipulatives used to teach and understand the base ten system. These blocks represent the numerical value of digits in a number and help students visualize and conceptualize place value. Base ten blocks are awesome tools for…

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Daily Math Calendar

Finally, a calendar made for math teachers! This math calendar is a great tool to incorporate problem solving skills and spiral reviews.

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Why Create Your Own Math Resources

I didn’t fully realize the impact creating my own math resources would make on my students. The students feel like they are seen when you create activities that relate to something they are interested in. Creating your own math resources will not only benefit the students, but you as well! Listen in on the Solving…

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Create Angles in PowerPoint for Math Resources

Have you ever tried to draw angles for a worksheet by holding a protractor up to the screen to measure each of the angles? Then, you move the ray a little bit and check the measure again? Well, I have! It is a tedious and lengthy process that I want to help you avoid. When…

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My First Year on TPT

I earned $3,000 selling on TPT in my first year and that was HUGE. It meant that I had earning power outside of my teaching job and outside of tutoring until 9 pm.

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Valentine’s Day in Middle School Math

Valentine’s Day is especially interesting in middle school; hormones + candy = a lot of fun… so why not make it a theme day in math class?? Create centers with a heart or love theme! What should Valentine math stations look like? Let’s break down what the math centers could look like for February in…

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Why should I plan interactive math activities?

Let’s make math fun and interactive. If you are wondering what an interactive lesson might look like, think about scavenger hunts, escapes, puzzles, mazes, games, and so much more! Find out why it is worth the effort to do these activities in your math classroom! Help engage students in the learning process. By allowing students…

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